Funding from building projects

Grant funds we currently offer for community organisations are:

Funding from Section 106 planning obligations

Section 106 Planning Obligations are legal agreements between us and developers related to us granting planning permission.  They help make development proposals acceptable when they might otherwise be unacceptable. They ensure that a proposed development contributes to the creation of sustainable communities, particularly through contributions towards community buildings and facilities such as affordable housing and education.

Read more about Section 106 planning obligations.

Read how we secure Section 106 obligations in the Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document.

Section 106 funding

Round 1 2019/2020 - applications can be submitted for assessment but a committee date will be scheduled sometime after June and a further one in October.

Submit your Section 106 grant application form (DOCX, 64KB). Grant application guidance notes (PDF, 352KB) have also been written to assist with grant applications.  We strongly recommend that you refer to these when completing your form. If you have any queries please contact us on

Section 106 funding is available to those parishes who have seen large scale developments over recent years. The funding available is made up of developer contributions paid over to Harborough District Council. Parishes who currently can apply for Section 106 funding are:

  • Broughton Astley
  • Thurnby and Bushby
  • Fleckney
  • Gilmorton
  • Great Bowden
  • Great Easton
  • Great Glen
  • Houghton on the Hill
  • Husbands Bosworth
  • The Kibworths (Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt)
  • Lutterworth
  • Market Harborough
  • Scraptoft
  • Ullesthorpe

Funding available

There are Section 106 Grant funds available in the following parishes. Applications can only be submitted for capital projects from organisations (community and voluntary groups) within these parishes. The funding figures below for leisure facilities have already been committed.

Balance Spend by Date (if made up of more than 1 contribution, the earliest SBD has been used) Open Space Typology Balance Spend by Date (if made up of more than 1 contribution, the earliest SBD has been used)
Broughton Astley £0.00


Offsite Recreation £0.00


Semi Natural Green Space £3,320.73 11/04/2022
Enhanced Burial Grounds £5,405.31 11/04/2022
Allotments £15,751.00 13/07/2023
Cemeteries £48,007.00 13/07/2023
        B.A Leisure Facilities £1,178,312.01 11/04/2022
Bushby and Thurnby £173,900.11 03/04/2022    
Fleckney £0.00   Offsite Amenity Green Space £0.00


Allotments £872.98 07/08/2021
Cemeteries £3,954.68 07/08/2021
Sports Facilities £25,087.86 07/08/2021
Gilmorton £12,983.72 02/07/2022   Cemeteries £4,559.64 02/07/2022
Great Bowden £18,778.05 12/11/2023   Offsite Recreation £0.00


Cemeteries £3,340.78 24/10/2022
Great Easton £7,676.57 04/04/2027 26/02/2028        
Great Glen £824,909.28 16/04/2023   Cemeteries £8,333.51 11/04/2022
Houghton on the Hill £11,924.00 No spend by date        
Husbands Bosworth £29,766.65 22/05/2023        
The Kibworths £286,631.51 17/03/2023 20/04/2023 27/05/2023 23/12/2023 15/01/2024 21/12/2024   Offsite Recreation £117,509.33 16/04/2020 21/12/2024
Play Equipment £2,943.06 17/03/2023
Cemeteries £7,879.16 25/08/2022
Lutterworth £195,741.25 11/05/2022 26/03/2023 02/08/2023   Parks and Gardens £29,509.37 11/05/2022
Offsite Amenity Green Space £10,234.08 29/03/2023
Semi Natural Green Space £142,333.20 26/03/2023
Play Areas £5,437.74 29/03/2023
Sports Facilities £119,604.72 29/03/2023
Allotments £3,038.24 29/03/2023
Cemeteries £44,413.18 11/05/2022
Market Harborough £172,314.49 04/10/2023   Offsite Recreation £46,552.82 18/01/2021
Public open space £12,721.00 09/11/2023
Comm Facilities – Leisure Centre £38,390.35 16/09/2019
Cemeteries £61,144.00 23/05/2023
Scraptoft £204,262.78 13/07/2025   Play Area £10,251.27 17/07/2020
Cemeteries £23,837.49 17/07/2022
Shangton £17,412.85 18/09/2023        
Ullesthorpe £31,751.79 12/12/2025   Parks and Gardens £7,111.57 12/12/2025
Cemeteries £16,036.56 12/12/2025
Greenways £16,301.57 12/12/2025
Allotments £3,855.64 No SBD

Through the grant streams we allocate the Community Facilities and Off site Recreation contributions. This money has been collected by Harborough District Council from the developer, according to the trigger point identified in the Section 106 agreement (payment must be made once a certain number of houses have been occupied on site). We then administer the grant process to disseminate this money into the parishes with the development.

The Section106 Grant guidance notes identifies the types of projects which can be funded through Community Facilities and Offsite Recreation contributions. 

Grant process

Grants will be scored consistently against a scoring sheet with weighted criteria associated with Section 106 funding.  

All applications go through an 8 to 10 week grant process, with the final decision being taken by the Executive Sub Committee. 

Successful applicants will be asked to sign a terms and conditions document for accepting the funding.  On receipt of this signed document, and after all specific conditions for the grant have been approved, payments will be made.

Projects that received funding

View a list of projects that received funding and details of the funding provided (PDF, 243KB).