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Harborough District Community Safety Partnership

The Community Safety Partnership was set up under Sections 5-7 of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998  and is made up of statutory services that work together to protect our local communities from crime and disorder to help people feel safer.  Harborough Community Safety Partnership is made up of representatives from 5 partner agencies:

  • Harborough District Council
  • Leicestershire Constabulary
  • Leicestershire County Council – includeing Leicestershire Youth Offending Service
  • Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service
  • Turning Point – Substance misuse recovery service

The partnership works out how to deal with local issues like antisocial behavior, protecting victims and reducing reoffending. They annually assess local crime priorities and consult partners and the local community about how to deal with them.

Funding for Community Safety Partnerships comes from The Office of Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

Priorities of the partnership

The partnership sets out a Three Year Plan with priorities that are reviewed on a yearly basis. View our Community Safety Partnership plans.

The priorities for 2016/17 are to:

  1. Tackle anti-social behaviour:
    • Prevention and education to reduce risks of young people becoming involved in crime and as
    • Maintaining high satisfaction levels in how we manage AS
    • Reduce the amount of deliberate primary & secondary fires
  2. Reduce acquisitive crime:
    • Reduce domestic burglary within the district 
    • Reduce theft from motor vehicles
    • Reduction of Rural Crime and Supporting Rural Communities
  3. Reduce substance misuse related violent crime:
    • Raise awareness of substance misuse
    • Early intervention and prevention of substance misuse
  4. Improve road safety:
    • Raise awareness of FATAL Four
    • Undertake campaigns with a view to reduce speeding in villages
    • Undertake campaigns around school parking
    • Establish “Room For All” initiative
  5. Identify and support vulnerable individuals and families:
    • Increase the reporting of domestic abuse incidents
    • Increase the reporting of Hate Incidents
    • Identify and support vulnerable individuals and families
  6. To Support partners in delivering the Prevent statutory duty.
    • Ensure Local Prevent Action Plan is delivered