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Garden waste online subscriptions

We are currently experiencing an issue with the online subscription form for the garden waste collection service. This issue will be resolved as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Councillors’ expenses and allowances

Councillors receive allowances for the time, work and costs involved in representing the people of the district. Allowances are based on national rules.

The levels of allowances paid are agreed by an external independent panel. The panel report on what is appropriate based on their analysis of the changing demands and pressures of members' workloads, and on comparisons with other councils in England.

View councillors' allowances.


All councillors are paid a basic allowance each year. This is for the work they do as local councillors: representing their constituents, travelling round the district, attending council and local community meetings.

Those councillors with extra duties and responsibilities also receive a special responsibility allowance. This may include chairman and deputy chairman of committees, the leader of the council and leaders of opposition parties.

Tax is paid on both types of allowances.


Councillors can reclaim a limited range of expenses for travel or some other approved reason.