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The council’s Executive committee

The Executive committee is the main decision-making body within the council. It is chaired by the leader of the council.

The current leader of the council is Councillor Blake Pain.

The current deputy leader of the council is Councillor Phil King.

The Executive committee is currently made up of 7 councillors, known as portfolio holders. Each portfolio holder has responsibility for an area of the council's work.

Executive committee meetings take place every month and members of the public can attend. View the dates of council meetings.

The Executive publishes a list of key decisions and significant items coming up within the council in the next 4 months. View the forward plan of key decisions.

View the council’s vision and the priorities for our services.

Executive member portfolios

The current Executive committee portfolios and portfolio holders are:

Corporate services and economic development

Councillor James Hallam is the portfolio holder responsible for corporate services and economic development. This includes the areas of:

  • Customer Services, Contact Centre and Channel Shift
  • Legal and Democratic Services
  • Elections and Electoral Registration
  • Land Charges
  • Revenues and Benefits Lead Member
  • Equalities
  • ICT
  • Corporate Administration - Street Naming and Numbering, Cemetery Administration
  • Performance and Risk Management
  • Internal and External Audit Services
  • Working with the Business community
  • Economic Development
  • Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership liaison and relationships
  • Tourism
  • Business Planning
  • Harborough Innovation Centre
  • Combined Authority and Devolution

Environment and regulation

Councillor Neil Bannister is the portfolio holder responsible for environment and regulation. This includes the areas of:

  • Environmental Services including waste, street cleansing and grounds maintenance
  • Open Spaces
  • Pest Control
  • Climate change, Green Deal, Warm Homes
  • Health and Safety Enforcement
  • Contaminated Land and Air Strategy
  • Emergency Planning Lead
  • Licensing
  • Environmental Health Functions
  • Corporate Health and Safety
  • Car Parking

Finance and assets

Councillor Phil King is the portfolio holder responsible for finance and assets services. This includes the areas of:

  • Commercialisation approach
  • Finance Services
  • Commissioning and Procurement
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Broadband programme delivery
  • Major contract management
  • Human Resources including Employee Relations
  • Learning and Development
  • Value for money

Planning and regeneration

Councillor Jo Brodrick is the portfolio holder responsible for planning and regeneration. This includes the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning Policy
  • Community Liaison on planning including Neighbourhood Planning
  • Section 106 monitoring and delivery
  • Development Management
  • Planning Enforcement
  • Heritage and conservation

Strategy and communications

Councillor Blake Pain (Council Leader) is the portfolio holder responsible for strategy and communications. This includes the area of:

  • Strategic Communications

Wellbeing and localities (including housing and community safety)

Councillor Michael Rickman is the portfolio holder responsible for Wellbeing and Localities (including Housing and Community Safety). This includes the areas of:

  • Rural Lead
  • New Homes Bonus and S106 Grants to Community and Parishes
  • Parish and Community Liaison
  • Voluntary Sector Partnerships and Core Funding
  • Leisure and Sport Commissioning
  • Leisure and Sport Delivery
  • Supporting Leicestershire Families
  • Strategic Housing Policy and liaison with Registered Providers
  • Cultural Services policy and strategy
  • Community Safety Partnerships
  • Harborough Homesearch / homelessness / Housing Renewal Grants and Loans
  • Disabled Facility Grants
  • Health and Wellbeing Forum Lead
  • Clinical Commissioning Group and Public Health Liaison Lead