Football and Ball Games Complaints

Are ball games a problem?

Image showing person playing football

Every spring and summer Councils receive a lot of complaints about children playing ball games in public places.  This article explains our view and offers some advice as to how this issue may be tackled in your area.

Ball games are a lot of fun for the young people playing them, but can become a source of disturbance for others and so can cause a lot of friction in neighbourhoods that would otherwise be very peaceful.

Children have a right to play as well as a need to enjoy physical exercise and interaction with other youngsters.  Play is crucial to a child's development as a social, confident member of society and should be encouraged.  However, everyone has a right to enjoy their home and know that their property is safe and have a right to be treated respectfully.

Harborough District is home to a lot of young people and has many open green areas that might seem ideal as a venue for a game.  Many of these green spaces are in residential areas and there is often only a small distance between greenery and residents' gardens, walls and garages. This is why complaints can arise.

It is also very important to remember that even quiet residential roads are used by cars.  If a moving vehicle has to swerve to avoid either a ball or a child the results could be serious or even fatal.