Bins And Waste Containers

Bins and Waste Containers

We offer organisations a range of waste containers, bins and sacks to meet their needs. Request a quote for the collection of your business’ recycling and waste.

Large 4 wheeled containers

We can provide 3 sizes of large 4 wheeled containers:

  • 1280 litres container (the largest in our range) - lid lock optional, available in steel with plastic lid
  • 1100 litres container - lid lock optional, available in steel with plastic lid
  • 770 litres container (the smallest four wheeled bin in our range and ideal for restricted areas such as narrow passageways) - lid lock optional, available in steel with plastic lid

Wheeled bins

We can provide 2 sizes of 2 wheeled bins:

  • 360 litres
  • 240 litres

These are plastic 2 wheeled containers that are very useful for those businesses that generate up to 5 sacks of waste a week. Easily stored and easy to manoeuvre .

Refuse sacks

We can provide plastic refuse sacks as a convenient method of collection if you have nowhere to store bins. These are collected weekly. You will receive one year’s supply of blue trade sacks.

Detailed information about bins and containers

4 wheeled containers

Container type Dimensions Image
1280 litres
  • Height 1430mm
  • Length 1265mm
  • Width 985mm
  • Castor size 200mm
Bin 1280 litres
1100 litres
  • Height 1370mm
  • Length 1260mm
  • Width 985mm
  • Castor size 200mm
Bin 1150 litres
770 litres
  • Height 1370mm
  • Length 1230mm
  • Width 785mm
  • Castor size 200mm
Bin 770 litres

Every 4 wheeled container:

  • Is totally enclosed
  • Is easy to manoeuvre
  • Is of a low loading height
  • Has 2 foot operated brakes
  • Contains a drain plug to make cleaning easy

Wheeled bins

Container type Dimensions Image
360 litres
  • Height 1090mm
  • Length 620mm
  • Width 850mm
  • Castor size 200mm
Two-wheeled bin
240 litres
  • Height 1075mm
  • Length 580mm
  • Width 725mm
  • Castor size 200mm