Building regulations process after application

Starting building work

Once you have given a building notice or submitted full plans, you can start work within 3 years.
You  must give us a Commencement Notice at least 2 full days (not including the day on which you give notice or any Saturday, Sunday, bank or public holiday) before you start. You should also be satisfied that the building work will comply with regulations

If you start work before you receive a decision on your full plans application, you do so at your own risk. You will prejudice your ability to seek a decision (known as a determination) from the Secretary of State if there is a dispute.

The building control surveyor may also request notice at other stages of the work that are not specifically included within the regulations.

For commercial projects additional inspections may be made depending on size and scale of the work, such as general construction inspections.

Completing your building work and approval certificate

A building control surveyor will carry out an inspection when the work has been completed. Once they have confirmed that your work meets the required standards they will issue you with a completion certificate.

It is recommended that the builders are onsite during the completion inspection and that you do not make the final payment to them until you have received the Completion Certificate. You should be aware that the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that work complies with the Building Regulations rests with the owner of the property.

The completion certificate simply confirms that, as far as we have been able to determine, the work complies with the current building regulations. This means that inspections will have been carried out at the appropriate times, and that any problems found were put right. We do not provide a guarantee or warranty on the work.

You will be required to provide a copy of your Completion Certificate when you sell your property.

If you are buying a new or altered property, always make sure your solicitor checks that a completion certificate has been issued for the work. If defects are found it will be you who is responsible for correcting them rather than the previous owner.

General Guidance

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