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Conservation Areas

Harborough has 62 designated Conservation Areas. The Grand Union Canal in the area has also been separately designated as a Conservation Area.

View the list of Conservation Areas.

There are also 6 registered parks and gardens in Harborough:

  • Baggrave
  • Lowesby
  • Quenby
  • Nevil Holt
  • West Langton
  • Stanford

There are also a number of Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Planning applications in Conservation Areas

We advise discussing proposals for development in Conservation Areas with a Planning Officer before submitting planning applications. Contact a Planning Officer for general advice or apply for formal pre-application advice.

In addition to normal planning requirements, the following may require planning approval in Conservation Areas:

  • The use of exterior cladding of stone, artificial stone, timber, plastic or tiles
  • The enlargement of a house by addition to or by alteration of the roof: this includes dormer windows
  • Demolition of any building over 115 cubic metres in volume, or to take down any wall, gate or fence which is less than 1 metre high where next to a highway or less than 2 metres high elsewhere

Submit a planning application for demolition in a Conservation Area. Please include photos if a building is to be demolished. There is no fee for applications for demolition in a Conservation Area.

Listed Buildings in Conservation Areas also have further planning restrictions.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Most trees in a Conservation Area are protected from deliberate damage and destruction. Find out more about carrying out work on a tree in a Conservation Area.

Advertising in Conservation Areas

In Conservation Areas all illuminated advertisements need Advertisement Consent - except for those indicating medical supplies or services. Certain advertisements on hoardings around building sites also need Advertisement Consent.

All the Conservation Areas in Harborough District (except Kibworth, Lutterworth and Market Harborough) lie within an Area of Special Advertisement Control This places more restrictions on the size and positioning of advertisements.

Contact a Planning Officer for advice.