Dangerous Building or Structure

Report and Actions

If a building is a potential danger to the public we will take action to remove the danger.

Report a dangerous structure.

We use powers that require the owner of the building to carry out works to make it safe. If they do not we will direct contractors to make the building safe and claim all costs back from the owner of the building. We cannot take action with dilapidated premises that may be in a poor condition but do not present a danger to the public.

Once a report has been made we will:

  • Visit  the site and assess the danger
  • If the reported danger, in our professional opinion, is not dangerous then we will take no further action
  • If minor repairs or maintenance are necessary we may contact the owner to get these carried out
  • If we consider that a danger exists, but not of an absolutely immediate nature, then we will contact the owners and agree a course of action.
  • In some circumstances we may apply to the Magistrates Court for an order requiring the owner to do the work
  • If we find the situation to be so dangerous that matters cannot wait, and the owners cannot do something immediately, we have the powers to make safe or remove the danger
  • Monitor the situation until it is resolved