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Harborough District Council manages several grant funding schemes that are available to community organisations.

As a condition of receiving Harborough District Council grant funding successful applicants must use Harborough District Council’s grant funded logo on all promotional material including websites, plaques, posters, and literature which is relevant to the project in receipt of funding.

The following logos can be used by organisations that have received grant funding from Harborough District Council's:

Creating plaques

If funding is associated with a physical space (for example a play area) or a building (for example a village hall) a permanent Harborough District Council grant funded logo plaque should be displayed clearly, and be of a reasonable size, on the premises relevant to any project in receipt of funding. Plaques must be put up no later than 3 months after the completion of the project.

When applying to create signage or a plaque the council requests that guidance and approval is sought from Harborough District Council before committing to the final physical version. Please send a proof version of the proposed signage, plaque or promotional material for approval by the council via email to grants@harborough.gov.uk


Logos can be used by organisations with projects where Section 106 and Community Grant funding has been provided.

Logo with the wording: "This project was grant funded by Harborough District Council":

Logo with the wording: "This project was supported by Harborough District Council":