Our policies, plans and strategies - LAN2 Harborough District Landscape Character Assessment, 2007

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Landscape character assessment is a technique that has been developed to facilitate systematic analysis, description and classification of the landscape. It involves identification of those features or combinations of elements that contribute to the character of the landscape, thereby enabling the special character and qualities of an area to be understood.

This information allows reasoned consideration of those issues affecting the landscape in order to develop appropriate recommendations for its future conservation and management.

Landscape character assessment can make a valuable contribution to the formation of planning policies, to the allocation of land for development, to development control activities, and to processes such as environmental assessment. Read more information on landscape character assessments.

Please note that the Focus Areas Assessment, which forms Part 2 of the District Wide Landscape Character Assessment (2007), has been superseded by the Landscape Character Assessment and Landscape Capacity Studies for specific settlements across the district.