Our policies, plans and strategies - Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan

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There are many factors that contribute towards a person’s mental, physical and social health and wellbeing – many of which may change throughout a persons life.

These include;

  • Personal characteristics including sex, age, ethnic group, and hereditary factors
  • Individual ‘lifestyle’ factors including behaviours such as smoking, alcohol use, and physical activity
  • Social and community networks and support including family and wider social circles
  • Living and working conditions including access and opportunities in relation to jobs, housing, education and welfare services
  • General socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions including factors such as disposable income, cost of living and availability of work.

This strategy will support the Council to work with partners and the community to improve health and wellbeing through taking action on the wider factors that contribute to health and wellbeing - ensuring that we utilise our collective resources effectively.