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These studies, dating back to 2013, are superseded by the Warehousing and Logistics in Leicester and Leicestershire Managing growth and change Study (amended March 2022):

The study provides a comprehensive and up to date analysis of the strategic distribution sector, defined as units of 9,000sqm and above, and the factors which will impact on its future operation.  In addition to using data from a wide range of sources, the consultant team engaged with developers and agents to gain insight into the operation of the property market for this sector. An important output of the study is the assessment of how much additional floorspace is likely to be needed for rail-served and road-served strategic distribution covering the period 2020 to 2041. 

The Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Sector Study (2014) examines the strategic distribution sector in the county. It provides a better understanding of the sector and an objective assessment of future need to 2036, together with advice on developing a strategy to manage change and support sustainable economic growth over the next 15 to 20 years.  The study has been prepared by expert consultants on behalf of local authorities and the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP), taking into account national policy and guidance.

Supplements to, and a partial update of, the Leicester & Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Sector Study (2014) also prepared by MDS Transmodal Ltd were completed in January 2017. The reports; Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Study: Update Report (Sept 2016), Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Study – Update and Refresh of Outputs and Conclusions (Sept 2016) and Wider Market Developments: Implications for Leicester and Leicestershire (Jan 2017),  provide clarification on the conclusions and recommendations of the original study together with an update and refresh of its outputs and conclusions and further advice on wider market developments and their implications for the area in the longer term. The new reports should be read alongside the original 2014 study.

Commissioning of the studies has been supported and overseen by the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Planning Group formed to assist LPA’s in working together on cross-boundary planning matters. The study reports are technical reports which form part of the evidence base for the development of planning policy and economic strategy, and support the preparation of a  Strategic Growth Plan to 2050. It must be emphasised that the study findings do not represent council policy, or possible future policy direction, for Harborough or the other local authorities involved.