Event Toolkit

If you are planning to hold an event within the Harborough we would like to hear from you. 

The Council is not responsible for approving or managing events within the Harborough district other than those which take place on Council-owned land. The vast majority of events do not take place on Council land, however, we will be involved if an event needs a licence such as for the sale of alcohol.

However, we would like to know about events that are taking place in the district, no matter how small or large.

Tell us about your event and get advice

Event organisers are responsible for and should ensure that all necessary permissions and licences are in place before an event goes ahead and have the relevant permission from the landowner.

For events that affect the highway, including pavements and road closures, there is advice on what you need to do on the Leicestershire County Council website.

Plan an event: Your responsibilities | Leicestershire County Council

Event Safety Group members, including Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services, East Midlands Ambulance Services and Harborough District Council should also have been notified as part of your event planning process

To tell us about the event and the measures which will be in place please complete the Event Notification Form return it to us by emailing events@harborough.gov.uk

The Event Guidance document has more information to help you run a safe event and if there are queries or concerns about your event you may be asked to submit further information.

Harborough District Council will make all relevant services aware of your event through the Event Notification process. However, the responsibility for the safe and compliant delivery of an event is with the event organiser.

Events on council owned land

If you are wishing to hold an event on Council owned land, please contact the team before you make any arrangements to obtain the necessary permission.

Event enquiries should be emailed to events@harborough.gov.uk