Harborough Local Plan 2011-2031

Adopted Local Plan

Harborough Local Plan 2011-2031

On Tuesday 30 April 2019, Harborough District Council resolved to adopt the Local Plan 2011-2031 at its Full Council Meeting.

The Local Plan is the Council's principal planning policy document and sets out the vision, objectives, spatial strategy and planning policies for the entire District area, for the period up to 2031. The Local Plan replaces the Council's Core Strategy 2006-2028 and Saved Policies from the previous 2001 Local Plan.

A copy of the Harborough Local Plan 2011-2031, the Sustainability Appraisal, the Policies Map and Adoption Statement are all available online. The Leicestershire Mineral and Waste Local Plan to 2031 now forms part of the Development Plan for Harborough District (adopted 25 September 2019). Further information is available in the following index of links:

Further information regarding the Local Plan Submission and the Examination process is contained on the Council's dedicated webpage, 'Local Plan Submission and Examination'.

Further information relating to Local Plan evidence documents is contained on the Council's dedicated webpage, 'Local Plan - supporting evidence'.

Neighbourhood Plans

Any ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans in the Harborough District administrative area, form part of the Local Development Plan and are therefore a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. For further information regarding Neighbourhood Plans in the Harborough District, including maps, status updates, referendum results and ‘made’ documents are available on the Council’s dedicated webpage, 'Neighbourhood Planning'.

Supplementary Planning Guidance

A number of Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes exist, the majority of which are linked to policies in the previous Local Plan (2001). However, some of the detailed design principles contained within the documents are still relevant and valuable in giving guidance to applicants and in the determination of planning applications. As a result, the Council's Executive resolved on 19 December 2011 that existing guidance, where still relevant, should continue to be used as a material consideration in the determinition of planning applications.


Core Strategy Archive

We have archived Core Strategy 2006-2028 and 2001 Local Plan documents, which were superseded on 30 April 2019, by the Harborough Local Plan 2011-2031.