Job seekers

How to make your job application stand out

1. Tailor your application:

Sending in the same cover letter for different jobs won’t get you an interview. Tailor your application, use words from the job description and make them relevant to your career history or skill set. Sound enthusiastic but don’t waffle.

2. Keep it simple:

Make it easy for the employer to read your application. Use short paragraphs instead of long solid blocks of text to make it easier for the reader to digest.

3. Font and layout:

Choose a standard font. Ensure the layout is clear, using a larger font size for the title, and a standard font size for each paragraph. This will ensure your application flows from one point to the next and makes it easy for the employer to follow.

5. Stay current:

Are your qualifications up-to-date? Referring to achievements from years ago may not be relevant. Make sure the key points in your cover letter match the job specifications for the role you’re applying for.

7. Final checks:

Spelling, grammar and formatting all need to be checked multiple times. You may miss things the first-time round, so take the time to double and triple check your work.