Animal activity licensing appeals and re-inspections

Requests for re-inspections for re-rating purposes

To ensure fairness to businesses, Harborough District Council has a procedure in place for undertaking re-inspections at the request of a business for re-assessing their star rating.

This re-inspection mechanism will only apply in cases where businesses with a rating of one to four have accepted their rating and have subsequently made the necessary improvements to address non-compliances identified.

Businesses should however be aware that re-inspection for re-rating purposes could lead to a lower rating being awarded rather than an increase in rating.

Businesses who are wishing to request a re-inspection will have to make payment of the appropriate fee and submit a request in writing to:

  • or
  • Environment Team, Regulatory Services, Harborough District Council, The Symington Building, Adam & Eve Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7AG

Requests must include the licence reference number and should outline the case for re-inspection i.e it should indicate the actions that have been taken by the business to improve the level of compliance or welfare since the previous inspection and, where appropriate, supporting evidence should be included.

We will carry out a re-inspection within three months of receiving a request and payment of the appropriate fee.

If upon receipt of the request, we decided that the case is not substantiated or that there is insufficient evidence provided, then we can refuse the businesses request.

Upon refusing a request for re-inspection, we will provide an explanation as to why the request is being refused at this stage.