Taxi Safety Advice

Taxis are generally a safe way to travel. It is important to make sure that you choose a licensed vehicle and take sensible precautions.

Taxi Vehicles

There are two types of taxi vehicles; Hackney Carriage and Private Hire. All vehicles undergo an Enhanced MOT every 6 months. Every taxi has a taxi plate on the rear of the vehicle. This plate has a unique number on it, make a note of this number as this may help you if you need to contact the company, for example, if you leave something behind.

A Hackney Carriage can pick up at taxi ranks and be flagged down in the street, as well as be pre-booked. There is a maximum meter fare that can be charged.

A Hackney Carriage will have an illuminated roof sign, the company name and number on the side of the vehicle and a yellow taxi plate on the rear.

Hackney Carriage Plate

Hackney Carriage Plate

A Private Hire taxi must be booked in advance, they won’t be insured or licensed if you flag them down. We recommend that you agree upon the fare at the time of booking.

A Private Hire taxi will have a green taxi plate on the rear of the vehicle and may or may not have a roof sign fitted. 

Private Hire Plate

If you see a taxi without a plate, don’t get in and report it to 101.

Taxi Drivers

Each driver must have a taxi driver licence. All licensed drivers have to take a knowledge test, have regular DVLA Group 2 medicals and a criminal history check every 3 years.

There are 2 types of driver licences; Dual Driver (which allows the driver to drive both Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles) and Private Hire (which allows the driver to only drive Private Hire vehicles)

They should wear/display their driver badge which shows their photo, name, licence no. and licence expiry date. Badges issued by HDC look like this

Dual Driver BadgePrivate Hire Badge

 Dual Driver's Badge                                                   Private Hire Driver's Badge

If you are not sure about the driver, don’t get in. If you feel uneasy once you are in the taxi, ask the driver to let you out at a busy, well-lit place. 

Please remember to respect your driver and act appropriately. Drivers will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse

Contacting us:

If you have any concerns or compliments about a driver or taxi you can contact the Licensing Team on 01858 828282 or email the details to