Your business’ legal responsibilities for waste

Under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990, every business producing waste has a duty of care.

It is now law that all commercial waste has to achieve some degree of recycling prior to disposal into landfill. In addition, there are some items (such as electrical goods) that have to be reprocessed.

With increasing landfill tax charges and more recycling legislation in the pipeline, it is time for you to introduce or increase recycling for your business. Find out how our collection service can help you, and request a quote for the collection of your business’ recycling and waste.

Legal responsibility

Your business has a legal responsibility to:

  • Produce, store, transport and dispose of its waste in a way which will not cause harm to the environment or human health
  • Use a licensed waste carrier, such as a local authority, to remove your waste
  • Take action if you think your waste is being mishandled by the person/people who remove it
  • Provide a written description of your waste to the waste carrier
  • Fill in a Waste Transfer Note (in addition to the written description) which must be signed by both parties involved in the transfer of waste
  • Keep a signed copy of your Waste Transfer Note - you must be able to produce it on demand to the Environment Agency or local authority
  • Inform the people removing your waste if you have any unexpected or unusual additions to your waste so that it can be disposed of appropriately

Failure to comply with the Environmental Protection Act could result in a fine or imprisonment.