Annual check of electoral register details (annual canvass)

Canvass reminder 2020 electoral commission image

Annual Canvass 2021 - Don't lose your vote

The annual canvass for the register of electors is under way in Harborough District. We have sent out a Canvass form to a number of households. Each year the Elections Office is required to write to every household in the district to confirm whether the details on the electoral register are correct.

Reminder canvass forms will be sent out to a number of households in Harborough District. Households need to respond to this form even if there are no changes. The easiest way to respond is online, using the details on the form or send the form back using the prepaid envelope. The canvass form has CF-E printed on the bottom of each page. Not appearing on the register of electors can not only stop you voting in elections it can also affect credit applications as banks use the register to confirm residency.

For those properties where we think there may not be any changes to the information we hold, we will email all residents in the property where they have provided us with an email address. The email will be from

To save the cost of sending reminders, please respond to this email to either confirm the information is correct or to advise us of any changes. If we have sent an email to more than one person in your household, only one person needs to respond. If a response is not received or we do not hold an email address for anyone in your property, a form will be sent to you by post by the middle of July.

For properties that we think may have some changes to the household, a form will be posted to you by the middle of July, please respond by using the instructions on the form. Responding online as soon as you receive the form saves money.

Remember - you need to be on the register of electors to vote. You may also find it more difficult to obtain credit if you are not on the electoral register. Credit reference agencies use the register of electors to confirm your address.

For more information regarding the register of electors and voting, visit the Electoral Commission website