UK Parliamentary Election 2019

UK Parliamentary Election - 12 December 2019

An election will take place on Thursday 12 December 2019 to elect Members of Parliament to the House of Commons.

The District of Harborough is split between three parliamentary constituencies, the South Leicestershire Constituency in the west, the Rutland and Melton Constituency in the east and the Harborough Constituency covering the central part of the District. A plan showing the 3 constituencies and the parishes within them can be viewed here.  Harborough District Council assists the relevant lead local authority in the logistics of organising and running the election.  More information on the elections in each constituency can be found by clicking on the relevant link below:

Rutland and Melton Constituency - Melton Borough Council

South Leicestershire Constituency - Blaby District Council

Harborough Constituency - Oadby and Wigston Borough Council


You can view the results of the 2019 UK Parliamentary Election on our website as they come in here


All matters with regards to electoral registration and the right to vote are handled directly by Harborough District Council as are the issue and receipt of postal votes and the operation of polling stations on the day of poll.  The nomination process and arrangements for counting the votes is dealt with by the relevant lead authority for the constituency.


Voting in the Election

If you are not already regstered to vote you will need to apply to be added to the Register of Electors.  Information on registering to vote is available here.

You can check if you are already registered by telephoning our Election Assistance Line on 01858 821049.

Poll Cards

Polling cards will be sent out to all eligible citizens in advance of the election on or after 12th November.  You do not need your poll card in order to vote, as long as you are registered.

Key Dates

Date and time Postal and Proxy Votes
26 November at 5pm
  • deadline to apply for a postal vote
  • deadline to amend or cancel an existing postal vote
4 December 5pm
  • deadline to apply for a proxy vote
Thursday 12 December 5pm
  • deadline for emergency proxy applications
Thursday 12 December 10pm
  • deadline to receive completed postal votes