Guide to making a claim for Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

Documents to supply for housing benefit and council tax support claims

In order to process your claim for benefits you will need to provide documents to prove:

  • Your identity
  • Where you live
  • National insurance number
  • Income, benefits and capital such as savings and investment
  • Proof that you are legally responsible for paying rent (if you are applying for Housing Benefit)

All documents supplied need to be originals.

If you do not have all the necessary documents straight away you should still return your benefit claim form and we will then write to you for any necessary missing documents.

Documents we accept

Proof of identity:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport
  • Medical card
  • Driving licence
  • UK residence permit
  • EEC identity card

Proof of address:

  • Recent utility bill (eg. gas, water, electricity or telephone) to confirm your name and address

Proof of National Insurance number:

  • National Insurance number card
  • Social Security letter
  • Tax Credit award letter

Proof of capital, savings and investments:

  • All of your bank, building society or post office books
  • Certificates for premium bonds
  • National Savings certificates
  • ISAs
  • Stocks, shares and unit trusts.

We need to see proof of any interest or dividends you get on investments and savings. We must see 2 months of transactions on your bank, building society or post office accounts. The accounts should have been made up-to-date within the last 2 months. This includes any current accounts you or your partner hold.

Proof of earnings:

  • Your last 5 payslips if you are paid every week
  • Your last 3 payslips if you are paid every 2 weeks
  • Your last 2 payslips if you are paid every month

If you do not have your pay slips you can download a form that you can give to your employer (PDF, 82KB).

If you or your partner are self-employed, we need to see your accounts for the last financial year or, if you have been trading for less than 6 months, a summary of your trading records so far. Alternatively you can complete a form to tell us about your self-employment (PDF, 317KB).

Proof of other income:

  • Pension slips from a former employer
  • A letter from the court showing how much maintenance you are getting.

We need to see proof of any money people pay you for board and lodging on a commercial basis.

Proof of benefits, allowances or pensions:

  • Award notices
  • Letters from social security confirming how much you get

If you do not have proof, let us know straight away.

Proof of private rent and tenancy:

  • An up-to-date rent book
  • Rent receipts
  • Current signed tenancy agreement
  • A letter from your landlord/agent to confirm the terms of your tenancy

Proof of other money paid out:

  • Letters about student grants or maintenance
  • Agreements or receipts from registered child carers