Information for residents

How can you help?

Councils across the country are stepping up to play their role in supporting the national effort to tackle Coronavirus (Covid-19). Acting as a fourth emergency service, local authorities are prioritising the most vulnerable people to make sure they have the support they need.


Support your community

Check on any vulnerable family, friends and neighbours to see if they need any shopping, a prescription collected or help with other small jobs. If you are not in a position to help them, please use the "I need help" button below to make a referral.

I need help


Become a volunteer

Volunteers are being encouraged to come forward to help Harborough District’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Harborough District Council has teamed up with VASL (Voluntary Action South Leicestershire), and other voluntary sector partners, to help mobilise the hundreds of people who want to help out. Find out more here

I want to become a volunteer

Please note that you will be re-directed to the Volutary Action South Leicestershire's website.


Keeping yourself safe

Please consider the government advice on social distancing and hygiene measures when offering to assist others.

The Leicestershire Trading Standards team at Leicestershire County Council has issued the following advice to help people to remain vigilant if someone calls at your door:

  • try to only liaise with someone you are familiar with
  • only buy the essentials in this manner to keep the amount of money required to a minimum.  Do not hand over a bank card
  • if the person says they are from a community group or organisation, ask for some ID or to verify their identity by calling the organisation directly
  • Please share this advice with your family, friends and neighbours.

Action Fraud and Age UK have produced a video which explains how people can protect themselves against fraud and scams, which is viewable on the Age UK website.

Anyone offering to help and then keeping money is committing theft. This should be reported to local police.

If you would like more information on how to help people safely, go to the Government's guidance page.