Three things every employer can do to help stop the spread


Mike Sandys, Director of Public Health for Leicestershire


From Mike Sandys,

Director of Public Health for Leicestershire

As Director of Public Health for Leicestershire I am writing to you to thank you for your efforts so far as an employer in tackling coronavirus.

You’ll be aware that Plan B measures have been lifted following the success of the booster programme. Face coverings are no longer mandatory indoors, and NHS Covid-19 passes are voluntary for large events.

In addition, it is no longer a requirement that people work from home.

These changes may impact your business and how you engage with colleagues and customers.

As the case rate in Leicestershire remains high, it is important that we continue to drive down the number of positive cases and protect the people that live and work in the county.

A female office employee wearing a face covering

I wanted to highlight three things you can do to make sure that your workforce – and customers – are protecting each other and their community: 


  1. Test in accordance with guidelines: 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 don’t display any coronavirus symptoms.
    It is recommended that we do a lateral flow test on the days we are likely to catch or spread Covid-19. For example, before mixing with others in an indoor space or visiting somebody who is vulnerable to the virus. Results should be recorded with the NHS. This helps stop the virus spreading. If you or your staff test positive, they should follow self-isolation guidance.
    Remember, even if you’re vaccinated, you can still catch and pass Covid-19 on, so you should test to protect yourself, and the people around you.
    Search “home test kit” for information on how to get tests delivered to your door.
  2. Encourage vaccine take-up in your staff: Having two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination does not provide enough protection against the virus. Receiving both doses and then a booster can make a real difference in protecting individuals, your workforce and the wider area. 
    If your staff are concerned about having the vaccine, you can refer to our useful links document attached which includes information on vaccination and pregnancy, having healthy conversations and translated materials in other languages.
    Walk-in clinics are open across the county, offering the vaccination from early in the morning and into the evening without bookings.
    Get the latest information on drop-in vaccination clinics in Leicester(shire) including a drive-through vaccination clinic at County Hall, Glenfield. You can also book an appointment on the National Booking System or alternatively, call 119.
  3. Choose to keep safe: Wearing a face covering helps to slow the spread of Covid-19. Although it is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering, encouraging staff and customers to wear them can help to keep everyone safe and your business running smoothly.
    If people are visiting your premises to shop, receive a treatment, drink or dine, encourage them to check in using the Covid-19 app. The app alerts users if a number of people attending that place on the same day test positive.
    Keeping up good hand hygiene, regularly cleaning shared areas, opening windows and ensuring premises are well ventilated, and staying home if you feel unwell can all help to keep people healthy.

Please also familiarise with the government guidance, for when you or your staff may be required to self-isolate.


You can access support and advice from your local environmental health team via your district council and from Leicestershire County Council’s Trading Standards officers.

My team (Public Health Improvement team) can also be contacted by email at, if you have any specific questions.

I’ve attached some materials which may be helpful to you, and we’d be very grateful that you shared with your staff and customers.

Thank you for everything you do to keep your staff and customers safe – it is much appreciated. 


Signature of Mike Sandys who is the Director of Public Health for Leicestershire





Mike Sandys

Director of Public Health for Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council

The Leicestershire County Council with the fox in green




Download the attached materials to share with your staff and customers

Businesses with more than 50 employees can register to order coronavirus tests for their employees.