Five things every employer can do to help stop the spread


Mike Sandys, Director of Public Health for Leicestershire


From Mike Sandys,

Director of Public Health for Leicestershire

As Director of Public Health for Leicestershire I am writing to you to thank you for your efforts so far as an employer in tackling coronavirus. But cases of coronavirus are not falling as fast as they should be, and we all need to continue to do everything we can to drive down the number of positive cases and protect the people that live – and work – in Leicestershire. 

A female office employee wearing a face covering

I wanted to highlight five things you can do to make sure that your workforce – and customers – are protecting each other and their community: 

  1. Make sure that if your staff can work from home, that they are doing so. This stops unnecessary journeys, unnecessary contact and unnecessary spread of the virus.
  2. If your staff have to travel into work, talk to them about how they can do that in a safer way. Walking or cycling if they can is encouraged, and if they car share or take the bus – they need to take precautions, outlined in this government guidance.
  3. 1 in 3 people don’t have any coronavirus symptoms, so ask employees to act like they’ve got it. We’ve heard ‘hands – face – space’ hundreds of times now, and it might be getting old,  but it is still absolutely vital. If your staff are physically too close together, aren’t wearing masks when they should be, and aren’t practicing good hygiene, then they could be spreading the virus. The government have advice on working safely during the pandemic.
  4. Encourage your employees to take part in our community testing programme for key workers – and those that cannot work from home – without covid symptoms. We have three test centres up and running, with more due to open over the next few weeks. All of the details, including how to book a slot are on our website.
  5. If your staff show symptoms, they need to isolate immediately and book themselves a test at or by calling 119. They must also isolate if someone they have had close contact with tests positive. Find out more at

As a local business, you can play your part in stopping the virus from spreading by asking yourself if you are doing those five things. It is in our own hands locally to keep ourselves and our loved ones, staff and customers safe. In short – it’s down to all of us.

You can access support and advice from your local environmental health team via your district council and from Leicestershire County Council’s Trading Standards officers. My team (Public Health Improvement team) can also be contacted by email at if you have any specific questions.

These are incredibly tough times for many businesses, and if you are not already familiar with the government’s business support, then please take time to read this. You may be worried about the mental health and wellbeing of colleagues. Our website signposts you to different types of support you can access in Leicestershire.

I’ve attached some materials which may be helpful to you (including posters about safer car sharing), and we’d be very grateful that you shared with your staff and customers.

Thank you for everything you do to keep your staff and customers safe – it is much appreciated. 


Signature of Mike Sandys who is the Director of Public Health for Leicestershire





Mike Sandys

Director of Public Health for Leicestershire

Leicestershire County Council

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Download the attached materials to share with your staff and customers

Businesses with more than 50 employees can register to order coronavirus tests for their employees.