Priority Services Register


A Priority Services Register is a free scheme offered by your gas, electricity and water suppliers. Once you register you can receive additional support and special services from each of your suppliers.

Registering ensures your supplier tailors their services to meet your needs, for example by providing you with extra help in using your meter. 

You can be added to a Priority Service Register if you are:

  • Pensionable age
  • Disabled or restricted mobility
  • Serious or long-term sick
  • Blind or partially sighted
  • Speech impaired
  • Deaf or hearing impaired
  • If you’re an expectant mother or have a young child.
  • Temporarily incapacitated due to an illness, circumstance or lifestyle change
  • If you’re self-isolating due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) or caring for a loved one.

If your supplier knows you have health issues or medical equipment in your home you will be prioritised in the event of a break to your supply.


How your supplier can help you

The services on offer to you vary depending on your supplier and personal requirements, but may include the following:

  • Providing you with notice if your supply is going to be interrupted
  • Priority reconnection if your supply is interrupted
  • Knock and wait service – the supplier will wait at your address for longer than usual if you need extra time to answer the door
  • Help with reading your meter
  • Supply of bottled water in the event of a disruption to service.
  • Bills sent to a relative, carer or friend to help you check them
  • Free advice on being more energy-efficient
  • Protection from cold callers with a password protection scheme to keep you safe
  • Your bills and meter readings in alternative accessible format.


Register for priority service

If you wish to sign up for the service you need to contact each of your suppliers as they each hold their register.

You can sign a relative or friend up to this service if you feel they need extra support. You will need their consent and full address to add them to the list.


Next Steps

Water suppliers

To register you will need to know who your water provider is. You can find this out by entering your postcode into the water provider search engine:

Most households in Harborough district are serviced by Seven Trent or Anglian Water.

Sign up online:

Sing up by phone:

  • Anglian Water: 0800 232 1951
  • Seven Trent: 08457 500 500


Priority Services Registers for your energy supply

Energy suppliers are responsible for distributing electricity or gas across the region. These service providers also have their own Priority Services Registers.

Most households in Harborough district are serviced by the following providers. Click the links to sign up to the Priority Service Register.

Sign up online:

Sing up by phone:

  • Cadent gas: 0800 389 8000
  • Western Power Distribution: 0800 096 3080
  • UK Power Networks: 0800 3163 105   


If you change your gas or electric supplier you will have to re-register with the new companies.

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