Advice for businesses

Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is illegal

Whether it is just one bin bag, an old item of furniture or a truck load of rubbish, dumping waste on land that is not meant to be used for waste disposal is illegal.

Even if you pay someone else to dispose of your rubbish it is your legal responsibility to make sure they will dispose of it correctly. We can issue a £400 fine to anyone caught, without needing to prosecute them through the courts. You could also face prosecution and a fine of up to £50,000 if your waste ends up being fly-tipped.

Fly-tipping causes lots of problems including:

  • A high cost to taxpayers and private landowners to clear it up
  • Threats to humans and wildlife, and damages to our environment
  • Spoiling our enjoyment of our towns and countryside
  • Illegal waste disposal companies undercut those operating within the law

Advice for businesses

Under the Environmental Protection Act, every business has a duty of care when it comes to disposing of its waste. And not meeting your legal responsibilities could result in a fine or imprisonment.

Here’s our simple guide to disposing of your business waste responsibly:

  • It is a legal requirement for businesses to use a licensed waste carrier to remove their waste
  • Provide a written description of your waste to the company collecting your waste
  • Fill in a Waste Transfer Note which must be signed by both parties involved in the disposal of the waste
  • Keep a signed copy of your Waste Transfer Note - you must keep these for a period of 2 years
  • Inform the people removing your waste if you have any unexpected or unusual additions to your waste so that it can be disposed of appropriately
  • Take action if you think your waste is being mishandled by the person/people who remove it – you could be fined if they are illegally flytipping this waste

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