Sky Lanterns and Balloons

Our position statement on releasing sky lanterns and balloons

Whilst Harborough District Council does not have a specific policy regarding the release of sky lanterns, the Council does support the approach of colleagues at Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service. Sky lanterns are a fire hazard, cause risk to wildlife, livestock, green spaces and properties, and we would urge people not to put added pressure on the emergency services and NHS at this time.

It would be very difficult to enforce any ban on sky lanterns on privately-owned property; but we would strongly urge residents not to use them in line with the fire safety advice and other issues mentioned above. 

With regard to the releasing of balloons; Harborough District Council has signed up to the Plastics Pledge and has actively discouraged the use of plastic-based balloons at our events, opting instead for eco-friendly decorations. The Plastics Pledge highlights the harm single-use plastic (eg. balloons) has on the environment; we would encourage people to mark occasions appropriately and in a way that is safe and environmentally-friendly.