Veterans and the criminal justice system

Information and support

If you or a veteran  you know is in contact with police, courts, prison  or probation and is unsure of their options please contact Care After Combat. They are a UK based charity providing professional assistance for the well-being of the veteran and their family.   

Phoenix is the name of Care After Combats project to reduce the number of reoffending veterans released from prison. The key benefit of project Phoenix is to the lives of the veterans and their families

  • Advice helpline: 0300 343 02 58  
  • Opening times: 9.00am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday 


Further information: 

  • Prisoners Advice Service (PAS)  offers free legal advice and support to adult prisoners in England and Wales 
  • Prison Reform Trust (PRT)  runs an advice and information service for prisoners, which is independent of the prison service 
  • The Offenders Families Helpline  on 0808 808 2003 can provide advice and support to families of someone who has been arrested, is going to court or in custody or prison 
  • The Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact)  is a national charity that provides support to prisoners, people with convictions, and their families 
  • Women in Prison  provides support and advice in prison, through-the-gate on the day of release, and continued support in the community 
  • Fry Accord  provides a range of services to vulnerable adults with an offending history, many of whom have multiple and complex needs