CCTV Cameras

We use CCTV to help reduce crime and disorder.

Our CCTV camera coverage and recording is only in open public spaces. Each camera records 24 hour per day, 7 days a week and for 365 days of the year. We monitor the live camera footage.

The specific objectives of the CCTV scheme are:

  • Contribute towards public safety
  • Prevent and detect crime and disorder
  • Prevent and detect anti social behaviour
  • Prevent and detect the misuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Prevent and detect behaviour adversely effecting the environment.
  • Public reassurance and reduction in the levels of fear of crime.

Read our CCTV Code of Practice.

Location of CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras in Lutterworth are used in:

  • Church Street
  • Market Street
  • High Street
  • Station Road
  • Bitteswell Road
  • Coventry Road Recreational Park

CCTV cameras in Market Harborough are used in:

  • High Street
  • Abbey Street
  • Church Street
  • Coventry Road
  • The Square (2 cameras)
  • Memorial Gardens
  • Adam and Eve Street
  • St Mary's Road
  • St Mary's Place (2 cameras)
  • Northampton Road
  • Sainsbury's Car Park
  • Commons Car Park (two cameras)
  • Symingtons Way Car Park
  • Kettering Road/Springfield Road roundabout
  • Symingtons Recreation Ground
  • Little Bowden Recreation Ground

We manage the CCTV and are the data controller in terms of the Data Protection Act.

Request CCTV footage you are in

You have a right to see CCTV images if you are in them. Make a request to view CCTV footage that you are in via our General Enquiries form. Please select 'All other queries' and enter your request in the text field.

Once you receive the CCTV subject access request form, to access the images, you will need to:

  • Complete and return the form
  • Pay a £85 fee for Insurance company requests
  • Prove your identity (and that of any representative acting on your behalf)
  • Supply a letter of authorisation if you use a representative to make the request for you

You must provide accurate information about the time (within 1 hour), date and place of the footage so we can find the images.

It will take a maximum of 40 days to respond to you with an answer to your request.

We cannot compromise anyone else’s privacy, so you will only be able to view CCTV footage that does not contain images of anyone else or images that would allow you to identify other people, such as car registration details. Images of other people would need to be edited or blanked out to make sure no one else can be identified. This process is expensive and we can refuse to do this or can pass on the cost to the person who has made the request.

We will deny access to some information under the Data Protection Act, specifically where the information may be held for:

  • The prevention and detection of crime
  • The apprehension and prosecution of offenders
  • Where giving you the evidence may prejudice either of these purposes

Any authorised viewing of the CCTV data will take place at The Symington Building and the recording will only be played to the person who made the request.

You are also entitled to have a copy of the recording if it will not become part of a live criminal investigation, civil proceedings or a complaint.

CCTV at home

If you own your property you can install CCTV cameras (even with recording and playback capabilities) to protect your property against intruders and trespassers.

Your CCTV cameras must be placed so that they only observe activity on your property. Cameras being deliberately trained on areas outside of your property, could amount to harassment and give rise to prosecution. If it is suspected that your CCTV can capture part or all of a neighbour's property, they might have a case to take action against you.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) have a code of practice for using CCTV.

You cannot put cameras up on other people's property without their consent, for example if you live in rented accommodation. So if you do not own the property you will need written permission before you install CCTV.