Pest Control


Midland Environmental Services Ltd  provide pest control services in Harborough District and are a local contractor you could use. Please be aware they now only provide a limited service which is listed below.

There is a charge for these services which is detailed on the link. There are other contractors in the area who may be able to assist also.

They can supply a service for the following pests

  1. Rats
  2. Mice
  3. Wasps
  4. Squirrels


They may be able to assist with advice/identification service for pests listed below. 

  1. Bees
  2. Bedbugs
  3. Fleas
  4. Cockroaches
  5. Birds
  6. Mites



  1. There are a number of different species of bee that can create different issues and should be dealt with in different ways. View a guide to identifying the type of bees that are causing you an issue.
  2. Honey bees should be collected by an expert. Find a local beekeeper that can collect honey bees.
  3. Advice on other types of bees, including miner bees and bumble bees, is available from Midland Environmental Services.