Examining council decisions (Scrutiny Panels)

To make sure the work we do is in the best interest of our local communities we regularly review and examine our services and decisions. We have 2 Scrutiny Panels that focus on this job.

Members of these panels, who are all councillors, look at what we and our partners are doing to address specific issues. They will then provide advice and recommendations to the Executive and/or the council for improving our plans and services.

The aim is to improve services provided to the local community through positive challenges. To do this the Scrutiny Panels are involved in:

  • Policy review and development - helping to shape the way our services are delivered
  • Examining decisions to see if the action being taken is the right action, and if services are effective
  • Performance management - assessing how services are performing to identify areas for improvement
  • Looking outside the council to examine services that impact on the local community

You can ask a Scrutiny Panel a question or suggest an item for Scrutiny Panel to discuss. The panels do not deal with individual complaints but may pick up issues where there is evidence of wider community concerns.

Scrutiny Panel meetings

The 2 Scrutiny Panels are:

Each panel undertakes planned reviews and examines other matters of concern. The panels meet throughout the year and the public can attend these meetings.

Meeting agendas are added to our website 7 working days before the meeting is due to take place and minutes will be added within 7 working days of the meeting having taken place. 

Councillors raising an issue for review

Councillors can raise an issue relating to their ward by submitting a councillor call for action request form. There are conditions placed on the kinds of issues that can be raised and all other means of dealing with the issue must have been exhausted by the councillor before they can make a request.

Read more guidance on councillor calls for action.

Scrutiny Commission

Our Scrutiny Commission meets twice a year to co-ordinate and monitor the effectiveness of our Scrutiny Panels.

All councillors that are not part of the Executive sit on the Scrutiny Commission.