Change of details

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You must tell us about any changes in your circumstances that could affect your Council Tax.

You must tell us of changes within 21 days of them happening. You may have to pay a fine if you don't do this.

Changes that you should tell us about include:

Council Tax is a daily charge, so if you move to a different property you will pay up to the day before the moving date at your old property and from the moving date onwards at the new one. It is therefore very important that you give us the exact dates for any changes taking place.

If you own, or have a tenancy on, a property after the date you have left, you will still be liable for Council Tax payments until you sell or rent out the property or until the tenancy ends. It may be possible to get a discount for this period of time.

Moving to the Harborough District

If you are moving into a property in the Harborough District you should let us know as soon as possible so that we can send you a bill and spread out your Council Tax payments for as long as possible. We will also need details of your previous address.

Tell us if you are changing your address.

You can also update your details on the Electoral Register so you can vote at elections.