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Drivers licence

Taxi Licensing

The licensing of Hackney Carriage Vehicle and Private Hire vehicles.

Find out more about taxi licensing.



Environmental Health Licensing

Licenses are required for certain street trading activities, Tattooing, Hairdressing, etc. 

Find out more about Environmental Health Licences 

Animal boarding

Animal Welfare Licences

Certain premises are required to be licensed including pet shops, riding and dog boarding establishments

To find out more about Animal welfare licences


Charitable Collections

Licences are required for both street and house-to-house charitable collections.

Find out more about charitable collections licences


Gambling activities

We provide licences for running a variety of gambling activities.

Find out more about gambling licences


Lotteries and raffles

Any non-commercial society that wants to run a small lottery or raffle will need a licence.

Find out more about the Lotteries licence.


Sex Establishments

Premises selling sex toys, books or videos, or a venue showing explicit films must be licensed.

Find out more about sex establishments licences.