When planning permission is needed

Whether you need planning permission for work you are hoping to carry out depends on a number of things.


To help you work out if you need permission you can:

If you want to be certain that the existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes or that your proposal does not require planning permission you can apply for a 'Lawful Development Certificate' (LDC).


Most alterations to business premises do need planning permission, including:

  • All shop and office extensions
  • Alterations to shop fronts
  • External security shutters or grille

You may need planning permission to change the use of your property eg from a shop to an office or from a house to bedsits.

Conservation areas and listed buildings

Special consent is required for development work on listed buildings and in conservation areas.

Advice before you apply for planning permission

We can provide you with advice before you submit a planning application.

Building regulation consent

If you don't need planning permission you may still need building regulation consent.