Letters about changes to the way you register to vote

Letters are being sent to all Harborough residents on the register of electors explaining changes to the way you register to vote. Find out more about the changes to the way you register to vote

Polling Stations

Polling Stations - Location

The following buildings are currently used as polling stations for all elections with the District of Harborough:

Arnesby - Arnesby Village Hall, Mill Hill Road, Arnesby, LE8 5WG

Ashby Magna - Ashby Magna Village Hall, Peveril Road, Ashby Magna, LE17 5NQ

Ashby Parva - Ashby Parva Village Hall, Main Street, Ashby Parva, LE17 5HS

Billesdon - Billesdon Coplow Centre, Uppingham Road, Billesdon

Bitteswell - Bitteswell Village Hall, Manor Road, Bitteswell, LE17 4RZ

Broughton Astley - Arkwright House, Orchard Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6SQ

Broughton Astley - Broughton Astley Village Hall (Main Hall), Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PT

Broughton Astley - Broughton Astley Village Hall (Talbot Room), Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PT

Broughton Astley - Broughton Astley Village Hall (The Cottage), Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PT

Bruntingthorpe - Bruntingthorpe Village Hall, Main Street, Bruntingthorpe

Burton Overy - Burton Overy Village Hall, Rectory End, Burton Overy, LE8 9DL

Catthorpe - Catthorpe Nurseries, Main Street, Catthorpe, LE17 6DB

Church Langton - Church Langton Community Hall, Stonton Road, Church Langton, LE16 7SZ

Claybrooke Magna - Claybrooke Magna Village Hall, Main Road, Claybrooke Magna, LE17 5AJ

Cotesbach - Cotesbach Village Hall, Main Street, Cotesbach

Dunton Bassett - Dunton Bassett Village Hall, The Mount, Dunton Bassett

Fleckney - Fleckney Village Hall (Annex), The Parade, Fleckney

Foxton - Robert Monk Hall, Middle Street, Foxton, LE16 7RE

Frolesworth - Frolesworth Village Hall, Ullesthorpe Road, Froleswort, LE17 5EN

Gilmorton - Gilmorton Village Hall, Main Street, Gilmorton

Glooston - Glooston Village Hall, Main Street, Glooston, LE16 7ST

Great Bowden - Great Bowden Village Hall, 40 The Green, Great Bowden, LE16 7EU

Great Easton - Great Easton Village Hall, High Street, Great Easton, LE16 8ST

Great Glen - Great Glen Village Hall, Main Street, Great Glen, LE8 9GG

Gumley - Gumley Village Hall, Main Street, Gumley, LE16 7RU

Hallaton - The Green Room, Stenning Hall, Horn Lane, Hallaton, LE16 8UG

Houghton on the Hill - Houghton Village Hall, Main Street, Houghton on the Hill

Hungarton - Hungarton Village Hall, Barley Leas, Hungarton, LE7 9JH

Husbands Bosworth - Turville Memorial Hall, Welford Road, Husbands Bosworth, LE17 6JH

Illston on the Hill - Illston on the Hill Village Hall, Main Street, Illston on the Hill, LE7 9EG

Keyham - Keyham Village Hall, Main Street, Keyham, LE7 9JQ

Kibworth Beauchamp - Kibworth Grammar School (Main Hall), School Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, LE8 0EW

Kibworth Harcourt - Kibworth Grammar School (Lounge), School Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, LE8 0EW

Market Harborough - Catholic Community Centre, 3 Fairfield Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9QQ

Leire - Leire Village Hall, Main Street, Leire, Lutterworth

Little Bowden - Little Bowden Primary School, Scotland Road, Little Bowden, Market Marborough, LE16 8AY

Lowesby - Lowesby Village Hall, Lowesby Road, Lowesby, LE7 9DD

Lubenham - Lubenham Village Hall, Laughton Road, Lubenham, Market Harborough, LE16 7RT

Lutterworth - The Pavilion, Coventry Road Recreation Ground, Lutterworth

Lutterworth - Dunley Way Recreation Ground Pavilion, Dunley Way, Lutterworth, LE17 4NP.

Lutterworth - Wycliffe Primary School, Moorbarns Lane, Lutterworth, LE17 4QJ

Lutterworth - Wycliffe Rooms, Masonic Hall, George Street, Lutterworth, LE17 4ED

Market Harborough - Evangelical Church Hall, 121 Bath Street, Market Harborough

Market Harborough - Fairfield Road C of E Primary School, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9QH

Market Harborough - Jubilee Hall Congregational Church Centre, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough, LE16 7JD

Market Harborough - Meadowdale Primary School, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7XQ

Market Harborough - Ridgeway Primary School, The Ridgeway, Market Harborough, LE16 7HQ

Medbourne - Medbourne Village Hall, Main Street, Medbourne, LE16 8DT

Mowsley - Mowsley Village Hall, Main Street, Mowsley, LE17 6NU

Newton Harcourt - Newton Harcourt Village Hall, Glen Road, Newton Harcourt, LE8 9FH

North Kilworth - Belgrave Village Hall, Church Street, North Kilworth, LE17 6EZ

Owston - Owston Village Hall, Middle Street, Owston, LE15 8DN

Peatling Magna- Peatling Magna Village Hall, Main Street, Peatling Magna, LE8 5UQ

Peatling Parva - Peatling Parva Village Hall, Ashby Road, Peatling Parva, LE17 5PY

Saddington - The Church of Saint Helens, Main Street, Saddington. 

Scraptoft - Scraptoft Village Hall, Main Street, Scraptoft

Shawell - Shawell Village Hall, Lutterworth Road, Shawell, LE17 6AF

Shearsby - Shearsby Village Hall, Church Lane, Shearsby, LE17 6PG

Slawston - Slawston Village Hall, Main Street, Slawston, LE16 7UF

Smeeton Westerby - Smeeton Westerby Village Hall, Main Street, Smeeton Westerby

South Kilworth - South Kilworth Village Hall, Leys Crescent, South Kilworth, LE17 6DS

Stoughton - Stoughton Village Hall, Gaulby Lane, Stoughton

Swinford - Swinford Village Hall, Chapel Street, Swinford, LE17 6AZ

Theddingworth - Theddingworth Village Hall, Main Street, Theddingworth

Thurnby - Thurnby Memorial Hall, Main Street, Thurnby, LE7 9RG

Tilton on the Hill - Tilton Village Hall, Leicester Road, Tilton on the Hill, LE7 9DB

Tugby - Tugby Village Hall, Main Street, Tugby, LE7 9WD

Tur Langton - Tur Langton Village Hall, Main Street, Tur Langton, LE8 0PJ

Ullesthorpe - Ullesthorpe Memorial Hall, Main Street, Ullesthorpe

Walcote - Walcote Memorial Hall, Franks Road, Walcote, LE17 4JX

Walton - Walton Village Hall, Kimcote Road, Walton, LE17 5RR

Willoughby Waterleys - Willoughby Waterleys Village Hall, Main Street, Willoughby Waterleys, LE8 6UF