Planning applications FAQs

Do I need Planning permission?

Do I need planning permission?

Whether you need planning permission for work you are hoping to carry out depends on a number of things. Planning permission is the formal permission from us for the development of land, property or any other building project. Some projects may not require planning permission, but be aware that if you begin a project without legally obtaining planning permission and it turns out you DO need it this could result in enforcement action being taken, and you could end up with a fine and /or a criminal conviction. The sections in this link cover various situations in which you may need planning permission.


What is permitted development and how can I find out if my property has permitted development rights?

Some developments do not require an application for planning permission, in some cases that permission will be automatically granted providing the work meets certain limitations and conditions – this is known as 'Permitted Development'. If a development meets these limitations and conditions you will not have to make an application for planning permission. In some cases we may have restricted or removed Permitted Development Rights for a particular area, building or piece of land. This is normally done to protect the character or the use of the area. Please follow this link for further information on permitted development rights and any restrictions.


How can I find out if my proposal complies with permitted development legislation?

What can and cannot be done is set out under legislation. This is set out within the General Permitted Development Order. If your proposal relates to a dwelling house further information can be found using “Permitted development rights for householders: Technical Guidance” which explains “Class A” (relating to dwellings only) of the legislation in more detail. The General Permitted Development Order does not only relate to dwellings but to other situations which may involve agricultural buildings, a change of use of a building, demolition etc. Please follow this link for further information.


How can I find out if my property is subject to restrictive planning conditions?

You can search the planning history for your property on our website using this link. All conditions are contained within the decision notice which can be found within the documents tab of the relevant application. If you cannot find the information you are looking for you can make a request here.


How do I get pre application advice?

We can provide you with advice before you submit a planning application or application for listed building consent. You can find further information on making a request for pre-application advice here.


How do I apply for planning permission and what will the fee be?

The Planning Portal is a national website on which you can find out lots of useful information and can also be used to apply for planning permission. This is our preferred method of receiving your application. You can find further information on how to apply and what the fees are here.