Polling Stations

Polling Stations - Location

The following buildings are currently used as polling stations for all elections with the District of Harborough:

Arnesby - Arnesby Village Hall, Mill Hill Road, Arnesby, LE8 5WG

Ashby Magna - Ashby Magna Village Hall, Peveril Road, Ashby Magna, LE17 5NQ

Ashby Parva - Ashby Parva Village Hall, Main Street, Ashby Parva, LE17 5HS

Billesdon - Billesdon Coplow Centre, Uppingham Road, Billesdon

Bitteswell - Bitteswell Village Hall, Manor Road, Bitteswell, LE17 4RZ

Broughton Astley - Arkwright House, Orchard Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6SQ

Broughton Astley - Broughton Astley Village Hall (Main Hall), Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PT

Broughton Astley - Broughton Astley Village Hall (Talbot Room), Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PT

Broughton Astley - Broughton Astley Village Hall (The Cottage), Station Road, Broughton Astley, LE9 6PT

Bruntingthorpe - Bruntingthorpe Village Hall, Main Street, Bruntingthorpe

Burton Overy - Burton Overy Village Hall, Rectory End, Burton Overy, LE8 9DL

Catthorpe - Catthorpe Nurseries, Main Street, Catthorpe, LE17 6DB

Church Langton - Church Langton Community Hall, Stonton Road, Church Langton, LE16 7SZ

Claybrooke Magna - Claybrooke Magna Village Hall, Main Road, Claybrooke Magna, LE17 5AJ

Cotesbach - Cotesbach Village Hall, Main Street, Cotesbach

Dunton Bassett - Dunton Bassett Village Hall, The Mount, Dunton Bassett

Fleckney - Fleckney Village Hall (Annex), The Parade, Fleckney

Foxton - Robert Monk Hall, Middle Street, Foxton, LE16 7RE

Frolesworth - Frolesworth Village Hall, Ullesthorpe Road, Froleswort, LE17 5EN

Gilmorton - Gilmorton Village Hall, Main Street, Gilmorton

Glooston - Glooston Village Hall, Main Street, Glooston, LE16 7ST

Great Bowden - Great Bowden Village Hall, 40 The Green, Great Bowden, LE16 7EU

Great Easton - Great Easton Village Hall, High Street, Great Easton, LE16 8ST

Great Glen - Great Glen Village Hall, Main Street, Great Glen, LE8 9GG

Gumley - Gumley Village Hall, Main Street, Gumley, LE16 7RU

Hallaton - The Green Room, Stenning Hall, Horn Lane, Hallaton, LE16 8UG

Houghton on the Hill - Houghton Village Hall, Main Street, Houghton on the Hill

Hungarton - Hungarton Village Hall, Barley Leas, Hungarton, LE7 9JH

Husbands Bosworth - Turville Memorial Hall, Welford Road, Husbands Bosworth, LE17 6JH

Illston on the Hill - Illston on the Hill Village Hall, Main Street, Illston on the Hill, LE7 9EG

Keyham - Keyham Village Hall, Main Street, Keyham, LE7 9JQ

Kibworth Beauchamp - Kibworth Grammar School (Main Hall), School Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, LE8 0EW

Kibworth Harcourt - Kibworth Grammar School (Lounge), School Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, LE8 0EW

Market Harborough - Catholic Community Centre, 3 Fairfield Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9QQ

Leire - Leire Village Hall, Main Street, Leire, Lutterworth

Little Bowden - Little Bowden Primary School, Scotland Road, Little Bowden, Market Marborough, LE16 8AY

Lowesby - Lowesby Village Hall, Lowesby Road, Lowesby, LE7 9DD

Lubenham - Lubenham Village Hall, Laughton Road, Lubenham, Market Harborough, LE16 7RT

Lutterworth - The Pavilion, Coventry Road Recreation Ground, Lutterworth

Lutterworth - Dunley Way Recreation Ground Pavilion, Dunley Way, Lutterworth, LE17 4NP.

Lutterworth - Wycliffe Primary School, Moorbarns Lane, Lutterworth, LE17 4QJ

Lutterworth - Wycliffe Rooms, Masonic Hall, George Street, Lutterworth, LE17 4ED

Market Harborough - Evangelical Church Hall, 121 Bath Street, Market Harborough

Market Harborough - Fairfield Road C of E Primary School, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9QH

Market Harborough - Jubilee Hall Congregational Church Centre, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough, LE16 7JD

Market Harborough - Meadowdale Primary School, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough, LE16 7XQ

Market Harborough - Ridgeway Primary School, The Ridgeway, Market Harborough, LE16 7HQ

Medbourne - Medbourne Village Hall, Main Street, Medbourne, LE16 8DT

Mowsley - Mowsley Village Hall, Main Street, Mowsley, LE17 6NU

Newton Harcourt - Newton Harcourt Village Hall, Glen Road, Newton Harcourt, LE8 9FH

North Kilworth - Belgrave Village Hall, Church Street, North Kilworth, LE17 6EZ

Owston - Owston Village Hall, Middle Street, Owston, LE15 8DN

Peatling Magna- Peatling Magna Village Hall, Main Street, Peatling Magna, LE8 5UQ

Peatling Parva - Peatling Parva Village Hall, Ashby Road, Peatling Parva, LE17 5PY

Saddington - The Church of Saint Helens, Main Street, Saddington. 

Scraptoft - Scraptoft Village Hall, Main Street, Scraptoft

Shawell - Shawell Village Hall, Lutterworth Road, Shawell, LE17 6AF

Shearsby - Shearsby Village Hall, Church Lane, Shearsby, LE17 6PG

Slawston - Slawston Village Hall, Main Street, Slawston, LE16 7UF

Smeeton Westerby - Smeeton Westerby Village Hall, Main Street, Smeeton Westerby

South Kilworth - South Kilworth Village Hall, Leys Crescent, South Kilworth, LE17 6DS

Stoughton - Stoughton Village Hall, Gaulby Lane, Stoughton

Swinford - Swinford Village Hall, Chapel Street, Swinford, LE17 6AZ

Theddingworth - Theddingworth Village Hall, Main Street, Theddingworth

Thurnby - Thurnby Memorial Hall, Main Street, Thurnby, LE7 9RG

Tilton on the Hill - Tilton Village Hall, Leicester Road, Tilton on the Hill, LE7 9DB

Tugby - Tugby Village Hall, Main Street, Tugby, LE7 9WD

Tur Langton - Tur Langton Village Hall, Main Street, Tur Langton, LE8 0PJ

Ullesthorpe - Ullesthorpe Memorial Hall, Main Street, Ullesthorpe

Walcote - Walcote Memorial Hall, Franks Road, Walcote, LE17 4JX

Walton - Walton Village Hall, Kimcote Road, Walton, LE17 5RR

Willoughby Waterleys - Willoughby Waterleys Village Hall, Main Street, Willoughby Waterleys, LE8 6UF