Apply for an allotment

Harborough District Council currently manages 6 allotment sites around the district:

  • 3 in Market Harborough
  • 1 in Great Bowden
  • 1 in Saddington
  • 1 in Walton

Make an online application for an allotment managed by the council.

A waiting list is in operation for all of our allotment sites.

View a list of charges for renting an allotment.

All sites managed by Harborough District Council operate a reduced rate of 50% for those aged 65 and over.

To enable more availability of plots we have a policy of reducing the size of larger plots as and when they become available. This means that the number of plots at any one site may increase allowing more people to experience the benefits of the allotment.

If you no longer want your allotment site please let us know by emailing

Other allotments in Harborough district

Other allotments can be rented from Lutterworth Town Council, Parish Councils, and the Market Harborough and the Bowdens Charity.