Fees for our services

Leisure services

Use of Facilities at Welland Park 2018/19

Netball and basketball

Schools rate per court


Others per court


Teams in Market Harborough Bowls League – per match



Hire of sports pitches 2018/19

Rugby and football pitches(effective from the start of the session)

Pitch only


Pitch, changing rooms & showers per game



Pitch only per club per session



Rounders league – per season



 Allotments  2019/20

Rent per plot per year – Senior Citizens


Rent per plot per year - Others


12 months notice required to alter rent. Half plots will attract a 50% charge.

Electoral registration and administration

Electoral registration and administration 2018/19
Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations
Fees for inspection and copying of documents (the first 10 sheets of paper in any one instance will be free of charge)


No Charge

Copying per page (A4)


Copying per page (A3)


Other formats

At cost

Sale of Agendas

Development Control - Annual Subscription


Other Groups/Panels - Annual Subscription


Per Copy


Sale of Minute Books

Annual Subscriptions

Free via website

Single Copies

Free via website

Register of Electors (Statutory Charges)

General Sales (Paper format) - Per 1000 names or part


General Sales (Data format) - Per 1000 names or part


To Parish Councils & Local Authorities

No Charge

Fee for Certificate of Residency (per letter)


Land charges

View all local land charges.

Lifeline emergency alarm services

 Lifeline emergency alarm service charges  2018/19

Weekly charges for monitoring of service


Installation of lifeline (inc. demonstration & instruction pack)



Licence 2019/20

Animal Welfare Licencing
Animal welfare licences are now being charged under a two tier system from 1 October.

View fees and charges

Dangerous Wild Animals

£330 + vets fees

Sex Establishments


Acupuncture, electrolysis, skin piercing (includes ear piercing, tattooing and semi permanent make up) (Premises)


Acupuncture, electrolysis, skin piercing (includes ear piercing, tattooing and semi permanent make up) (Person)


Hairdressing (Person)


Hairdressing (Premises)


House in multiple occupation for 5 Year license


Health Certificate


Scrap metal dealers – New license


Scrap metal dealers – Renewal of license


Scrap metal dealers – Variation to license


Registration of motor salvage operations


Accommodaion Certificates



Hackney Carriages & Private Hire Vehicles


Vehicle licence – New application

£225 + £15.00 Plate Deposit

Vehicle licence - Renewal


Dual /private hire driver new application (3 year licence)


Dual/private hire driver Renewal (3 year licence)


Operators licence (5 year licence) - New


Operators licence (5 year licence) - Renewal


Deposit on licence plate / Disc


Replacement badge fee


Replacement licence / Cert of Compliance


Transfer of vehicle licence


Fines/penalty notices

Fixed penalty notice 2019/20

Dog fouling


Abandoned vehicles


Failure to produce waste transfer documents




Flytipping if paid within 14 days


Street trading

Street Trading (Consent streets) 2018/19


Annual charge


Daily charge


Charities & Fund Raising

Daily charge

No charge


Other charges

Service 2018/19

Request for factual statement

Charge to be determined for each request, based on hourly rate of £43.33 + £30 admin charge

Re-visit to review food hygiene rating


Return of Seized Dog

Daily kennel Fee £15.50 and prescribed fee of £25, and vets fee if incurred

Water Sampling

Fees will be charged in accordance with Schedule 5 of the Private Water Supply Regs. 2009


Cost plus admin

Statement of Accounts & Annual Report (inc postage)


Bins and waste

Bins and Waste 2019/20
Garden waste annual collection charge per bin £40

Collection from domestic premises of bulky refuse


Replacement of standard bin

No charge

Cost for delivery 140 litre bin


Cost for delivery 180 litre bin


Cost for delivery 240 litre bin


Cost for delivery 360 litre bin


Removal of a bin from a property


Abandoned cars

Abandoned cars 2019/20

Fixed Penalty Notice for abandoned vehicles


Removal of vehicle at owners request



Private Drain Clearance Cost of Contractor recharged in full

Drainage investigations:

Admin based services


Technical services


Site visit services


Private drain CCTV investigation and report

Apply for price


Service 2018/19
Local Farmers, European and Other Markets in the Square Market Harborough - Per pitch (2.5m x 1.5m) own stalls

Apply for price

Welland Park hire

Apply for price


Planning advice 2018/19

Meetings or written advice

Strategic Proposal (50+ dwellings)

£1200 (inc. VAT)

10,000+ sq m (commercial)

£1200 (inc. VAT)

Major Proposal (10-49 dwellings)

£600 (inc. VAT)

1,000 – 10,000 sq m (commercial)

£600 (inc. VAT)

Minor Proposal (1 – 9 dwellings)

£300 (inc. VAT)

300 – 1,000 sq m (commercial)

£300 (inc. VAT)


£79.20 (inc. VAT)

Application to divert a footpath or bridleway

Fee for application (includes cost of advertising)



Local Plans Proposal Map

Free on website

Lutterworth / Mkt. Harborough Map

Free on website

Broughton Astley Map

Free on website

Kibworth & Smeeton Westerby Map

Free on website

Inset Map

Free on website

List of Planning Applications Per Annum

Per month

Free on website

Per year

Free on website