Building regulations

Building regulations are legal requirements for achieving minimum standards of construction for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. They focus on:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of people in or near buildings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Access and facilities for disabled people

Building regulations approval is different to planning approval. For the majority of proposed building works you will have to submit a planning application and a building regulations application. Apply for building regulations approval.

Our building control service ensures that buildings are constructed properly and in accordance with current standards and regulations. This is done by checking the information provided with the application (eg plans) and then inspecting the construction work as it progresses on site.

Guidance on meeting regulations

The building regulations contain a list of requirements (in 14 parts) that are expressed in broad, functional terms in order to give designers and builders the maximum flexibility in preparing their plans.

Each part of the regulations is supported by a separate document called an 'Approved Document' which contains practical and technical guidance on ways in which the requirements can be met. View all Approved Documents.

Each Approved Document reproduces the requirements contained in the building regulations relevant to the subject area. This is followed by practical and technical guidance, with examples, on how the requirements can be met in some of the more common building situations.

There may well be alternative ways of complying with the requirements to those shown in the Approved Documents and you are not required to adopt any particular solution in an Approved Document if you prefer to meet the relevant requirements in some other way.

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View building regulations applications

View building regulations applications.

Our online building control information service provides limited information – we do not provide a full list of applications for the public. The historical information on the site is incomplete and must not be used as a substitute for carrying out a formal land charge search.

We cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the history information obtained from the system. The information on the system does not constitute in any way a formal notification of a building control decision, and any actions taken as a result of information displayed on the site are undertaken entirely at the viewer's own risk.

Scanned images of building control application documents are not available via this service.