Car park permits

From 4 September 2017 a number of changes to car park permits came into place.

Harborough District Council currently offer parking permits in several car parks in Market Harborough and Lutterworth. Permits may be purchased for periods of 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.

Make an enquiry about a new parking permit or renew a permit for car parks (not Stamford Close car park). Once this form has been submitted we will assess your application and contact you within 5 working days.

The number of permits for each site has been calculated to ensure that they will not exceed capacity. There are no permit only spaces but permit holders should always be able to find a space. At any sites where demand exceeds availability permits are randomly allocated between all applicants.

Once your permit has expired you will be required to reapply for it, it will not automatically be reissued to you.

Read the full permit terms and conditions.

Long stay car park permits

Car park permits can be purchased for the following car parks:

  • Angel Street in Market Harborough (12 permits available)
  • Chapel Street in Lutterworth (13 permits available)
  • Church Close in Lutterworth (8 permits available)
  • Doddridge Road in Market Harborough (55 permits available)
  • Springfield Street in Market Harborough (15 permits available)
  • Stamford Close in Market Harborough (44 permits available, and 6 permits for businesses)
  • St Mary's Road East in Market Harborough (14 permits available)
  • Symington Recreation Ground in Market Harborough (10 permits available)
 Number of days a week the permit allows for parking

Cost for permit for 12 months

Cost for permit for 6 months

Cost for permit for 1 month

3 days




6 days




Stamford Close car park permits

Stamford Close car park is for residents of Nithsdale Avenue only upon display of a valid permit. There is a charge of £40 per year for a permit.

Due to increasing demand for space in this car park it is now necessary to restrict residents permits to one per household. You may still have two registrations on one permit.

Apply for or renew a permit for Stamford Close car park (DOC, 162KB)

Residential parking permits

Leicestershire County Council manages all residents’ parking in Leicestershire. Find out more about residents' parking permits and how to apply.

Car park permit terms and conditions

 The terms and conditions for car park permits in Harborough are:

  1. Parking permits are only valid in the car park specified on that permit
  2. Parking permits must be exhibited on the dashboard or fascia of the vehicle, in a conspicuous position on the vehicle, so that the front is clearly legible from the outside of the vehicle
  3. Vehicle registration number specific permits will only be valid if displayed in the vehicle identified on that permit
  4. No vehicle shall display any parking permit which has been altered, defaced, mutilated or added to, or upon which the figures or particulars have become illegible
  5. Permits will not be issued on an in-perpetuity basis: at the end of any period (quarter or annum) for which a permit has been purchased, if the site is oversubscribed, new permits will be allocated by drawing lots between all applicants
  6. Refunds will only be considered against annual parking permits if the permit is surrendered before its expiry date; any refund will be calculated by working out any remaining quarterly charges, excluding the quarter that notice is received in, and refunding the appropriate amount minus administration costs; requests for refunds must be made in writing
  7. If a permit holder requests a change to the Company Name or Vehicle Registration details after a permit has been produced, an administration cost will be applied for the re-issuing of that permit.
  8. Parking permits are valid for the specified days of the week only; outside of these days normal parking charges apply
  9. Holding a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space 
  10. A permit holder failing to display a parking permit valid for the relevant car park at that time, shall be liable to a Penalty Charge of £70 but a lesser charge of £35 shall be payable for parking the vehicle if payment is made within 14 days of the placing on the vehicle of the Penalty Charge Notice
  11. Permit holders are still subject to all conditions contained in The District of Harborough Off-Street Parking Places Order 2017, copies of which can be provided upon request
  12. Parking permits used in breach of these terms and conditions may be withdrawn and if a Civil Enforcement Officer has reasonable cause to believe that a person is misusing a parking permit he may require the driver or person in charge of the vehicle to deliver up the permit to him