Parking on the street

There are a number of free, time limited parking bays on streets in the district. These are clearly marked and are also patrolled by Civil Enforcement Officers. These parking bays are managed by Leicestershire County Council.

View a map and details of on street parking restrictions.

Parking on pavements

Parking on pavements can cause problems for other people that will be using the path. Please consider others when parking. Our officers cannot issue parking tickets to vehicles parked on or partially on the pavement unless there are double or single yellow lines on the road they are parked next to.

Reporting parking issues

You can report someone for parking their car on double yellow lines, on single yellow lines (during the times advertised on nearby signs). Parking contraventions such as blocking driveways should be reported to the police as obstruction.  

Please include all relevant details and we will investigate these reports as soon as possible - we cannot provide an immediate response. You can contact the parking team by emailing

You can report to the police someone for parking somewhere where you believe they are causing an obstruction, such as:

  • Blocking a driveway (that doesn’t have a lowered kerb)
  • Restricting the free flow of traffic along the road

Residential parking

Residential parking and parking on the public highway is the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council.

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for managing all residential parking permits in Leicestershire. Find out more about residents' parking permits and how to apply.

Parking fines

If you park in an area you are not supposed to or break the rules for parking in that place, whether in a car park or on the street, you may be issued with a fine known as a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). You can pay your parking fine on the Leicestershire County Council website.