Community Priorities Survey

From: 06/01/2022 To: 31/01/2022.

Harborough District Council asked for views from our community on how residents access our services, how they access social/community activities such as sport and recreation and parks, and for their views on community safety issues.

There was an online survey and we worked with our partners from the Rural Community Council who visited areas to talk to communities with their coffee van.

451 residents took part in our survey from postcodes across the district.

Summary and next steps

Council service areas analysed survey findings that are relevant to their service and developing strategies.

Survey data will inform the Parks and Open Space Strategy for management and maintenance of these sites, which will include Welland Park.

Results about the desire for increased youth centric provision and affordable housing will inform recommendations and proposals by the Council’s Young People’s Officer.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) information has already informed the rollout of the Schools Community Safety Roadshow, designed to reduce incidents of ASB in open spaces during warmer months.

Information has informed the Community Safety Partnership’s (CSP) yearly community safety strategic assessment as part of the community engagement data. This has also informed the CSP priorities and action plan for 2022/23.

The information will help to inform the Health & Wellbeing Strategy which will go live this year and will support the work we do over the next five years. It will also help with leisure procurement in future.

Information about how customers contact the council and access information about the council, and how they would like to do this in future, will inform the council’s refreshed Communications Strategy and Engagement Strategy and continuous improvement for our customers.

We will update residents on progress of key actions and achievements via social media and our residents’ newsletter.