Consultation on Budget Proposals (2022-23) and Corporate Plan (2021-2031)

From: 11/01/2022 To: 06/02/2022.

Harborough District Council has prepared its proposed budget for 2022/23 and would like to hear your views.

During 2020, it was established that the Council was facing an annual budget gap of around £4m. To help to close this gap, the Council undertook a budget review programme, based on the principles of zero-based budgeting, called Budget Challenge 2025 (BC25). The programme started in early Autumn 2020, closed in the summer of 2021, and reported to Cabinet in September 2021. Every Council service was reviewed and by 2024/25 the annual saving will be £3.1m.

In addition to the budget challenge process, the Council has continued to be impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19); this has led to delivering services in new and innovative ways to ensure that the Council remains at the centre of serving its local community. In addition, the Council has also continued to deliver all “business as usual” activity, commence a review of its Corporate Plan and operating model and start the development of both a Young Person’s Strategy and a Rural Strategy.

Over the past year, services have reviewed their income and expenditure, firstly via the BC25 process and then subsequent service reviews as part of the general budget setting process for 2022/23

Savings have been, and are continuing to be, identified in all Council service areas.

Proposals have been put forward to increase Harborough District Council’s share of the Council tax by £5 a year per household in the Harborough district.

This consultation closes on Sunday, 6 February 2022.

We are also asking for your views on the key priority areas in our draft Corporate Plan for 2021-31 in the second part of the consultation survey.

You can choose to skip either the questions about the budget proposals or the questions about the Corporate Plan if you do not wish to complete both sections.