The Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan Review

From: 18/05/2022 To: 29/06/2022.

The Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan Review - Examination

Submission of Neighbourhood Plan

Notice is given that The Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan Review has been submitted by Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council to Harborough District Council for examination.

In accordance with the regulations, the following documents have been submitted for examination:

Read the

For more information and the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base please visit:


Making Representations

A six week consultation on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan is now underway running from 18 May to 29 June 2022. Representations on the Plan Proposal are welcome and must be submitted to Harborough District Council on the submission forms provided (eform and print version ) no later than 29 June 2022 as follows:

  • by email to ; or
  • by post to Strategic Planning, Harborough District Council, The Symington Building, Adam & Eve Street, Market Harborough, LE16 7AG

The submitted documents can be viewed online by selecting the relevant attachments below. Alternatively hard copies of the documents can be inspected at:

  • Kibworth Library, Paget Street, Kibworth Beauchamp
  • The Kibworths Parish Office, The Grammar School, School ROad, Kibworth Beauchamp
  • Concierge, The Symington Building,  Adam and Eve Street, Market Harborough , LE16 7LT

(Please note that opening times vary and access may be restricted for social distancing. Please call the venue before travelling)

If you wish to be notified of the Council’s decision on the plan proposal then please state this in your representation.

Harborough District Council will appoint a suitably qualified Examiner to carry out an examination into The Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan. Please note that all representations received during the consultation period will be forwarded to the appointed Examiner and be publicly available.  

The Examiner is  obliged to consider whether the amendments to The Kibworths Neighbourhood Plan are:

  • Minor (non-material) modifications to a neighbourhood plan or order are those which would not materially affect the policies in the plan or permission granted by the order. These may include correcting errors, such as a reference to a supporting document, and would not require examination or a referendum.
  • Material modifications which do not change the nature of the plan or order would require examination but not a referendum. This might, for example, entail the addition of a design code that builds on a pre-existing design policy, or the addition of a site or sites which, subject to the decision of the independent examiner, are not so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the plan.
  • Material modifications which do change the nature of the plan or order would require examination and a referendum. This might, for example, involve allocating significant new sites for development.

In completing the representation form, please be aware that the Examiner will only be testing whether the proposed Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions and other relevant legal requirements. The Examiner will not be testing the soundness of the plan or looking at other material considerations but checking that the plan:  

  • Has regard to national policy and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State;
  • Contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  • Is in general conformity with the Local Plan;
  • Does not breach, and is otherwise compatible with, EU and human rights obligations;
  • Meets prescribed conditions and complies with prescribed matters;
  • Meets the legal requirements;