Budget Proposals Consultation 2024-25

From: 16/01/2024 To: 12/02/2024.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to have their say on the council’s draft budget proposals for 2024/25. 

Harborough District Council has set out its priorities to make savings and still deliver effective and efficient public services.  

Like many local authorities and households across the country, the council is facing unprecedented financial challenges. These challenges include the continued uncertainty over government funding, inflation increases and the rise in living costs for residents. 

The proposed draft budget is balanced over the medium term, the council predicts a £7.2 million budget gap from 2025/26 and it is anticipated that the authority will need to use its reserves in later years.  

There is no increase in green waste charges or car parking fees for residents.  

Resources have been allocated for the production of the new Local Plan 2020-2041 to ensure Harborough district is protected from speculative development. A budget of £1.1 million has been allocated to produce the Local Plan but to ensure it is ready to meet the government’s June 2025 deadline an additional estimated budget of £1.9 million will be required.  

A waste contract extension due to changes in the disposal of waste will cost a further £400,000 per annum from 2027/28. 

The progression towards meeting the council’s net zero commitment continues and has resulted in savings being identified from installing solar panels at Harborough Innovation Centre and a review of options for the future use of The Symington Building, the council’s offices. The council has reduced carbon emissions by 37% from its baseline year in 2019/2020.  

Proposals have also been put forward to increase Harborough District Council’s share of Council Tax by 2.99%, £5.32 a year or 10.2p a week for a Band D property, in Harborough district.

The council will continue with its Capital Programme over the next four years, which will see investment in local projects up to £28.2 million. These projects include the development of Lutterworth Town Centre Heritage Action Zone, potential investment into solar farms and homeless provision, as well as various enhancement and refurbishment works to Harborough (£4 million) and Lutterworth (£1 million) leisure centres through the new contract with Everyone Active. 

A new position has also been created which will focus on community engagement and will work with all council services to ensure local communities are kept informed and can effectively relay their views back to the council. 

You can comment on this consultation here until 9am on Monday 12 February 2024. 

On 12 February 2024, Cabinet will agree its formal recommendations on the proposed budget to Council for consideration on 26 February 2024.