Community Governance Review Mowsley Parish

From: 03/03/2024 To: 26/05/2024.

A request for a Community Governance Review was received form Mowsley Parish to create a Parish Council for Mowsley. Harborough District Council agreed to carry out the review which begun on 3 March 2024.

A Community Governance Review is a way of district councils to make sure that at parish levels, governance arrangements are as effective as they can be. This is done by asking the public and any interested parties for their views on the current arrangements and the suggested change to create a Parish Council.

We have the power to undertake such reviews under Part 4 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 using the relevant national guidance to assist in this process. The Council is required to consult with local government electors living in the Mowsley Parish as well as any other bodies or individuals who may have an interest in the review.

The Council must consider all representations received during the period of consultation and will make all representations available for public viewing.

What can a Community Governance Review do?

A Community Governance Review can make a number of changes to parish councils when there is clear evidence to do so:

  • Create, merge, alter or abolish parishes

  • Change electoral arrangements for parishes including ordinary year of elections, number of parish councillors, and changes to parish wards
  • Convert a parish council to a parish meeting
  • Change the name or the style of a new parish council or parish meeting
  • Group parishes together under a common parish

What can’t a Community Governance Review do?

A Community Governance Review cannot:

  • Change the number of district or county councillors
  • Change a district or county council ward/divisional boundaries
  • Change the amount of money that a parish council raises through your council tax (known as a precept)
  • Change individual parish councillors
  • Create a unitary authority

How can I take part in the consultation for this Community Governance Review?

You can submit written representation regarding this review by email or post to: 

Electoral Services Team
Harborough District Council 
The Symington Building
Adam & Eve Street
Market Harborough
Leicestershire, LE16 7AG

Documents relating to the Community Governance Review are available to download via the links below: