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The Fighting Fraud Locally Strategy  published in 2011 had a stated aim of ensuring that local authorities in England  had in place  an effective fraud response plan by 2015.  The aim being  to be more aware of fraud risk and exposure and to be able to respond to that risk.

Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally is the  new local  government counter fraud and corruption strategy that has been published as part of the Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally initiative and replaces the 2011 strategy.

The strategy envisages that all local authorities will need to work with new agencies and will need to follow the principles set out in the Fighting Fraud Locally  2011, ACKNOWLEDGE:   acknowledging and understanding the risk, PREVENT : by developing a more robust anti –fraud culture PURSUE : develop increased capacity to investigate incidents of fraud and a collaborative approach to enforcement.

The Council is committed to the prevention, deterrence, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption in all forms. The Council has adopted a Counter Fraud Strategy and Response Plan to better protect itself and the public from fraud and corruption.  The Counter Fraud Strategy and Response Plan is on the Council’s  website and should be read in conjunction with this note.

In addition the Council has in place a Whistleblowing policy and publishes details of its counter fraud work as part of its obligations under the Transparency Code first published on 31 October 2014.