Hairdressers and barbers

You need to register to work as a hairdresser in Harborough district so that we can check you are following healthand safety rules.

We issue registration certificates initially for the premises and its proprietor. Further practitioners can then be registered as required. Registration is a one-off requirement, valid for the lifetime of the business, and applications must be accompanied by a registration fee. Once the application has been received, an appointment will be made with the applicant for an Environmental Health Officer to inspect the premises. If the inspection shows that the premises is compliant with all aspects of cleanliness and safety, as required by our bylaws, the registration certificate will be issued.

Registered premises and practitioners are required to display a registration certificate, which indicates that the premises and equipment have been inspected for cleanliness and safety in compliance with our bylaws (see below).


Application to register as a hairdresser or barber

You can find out the cost of a hairdresser or barber registration on our fees and charges webpage

Byelaws for hairdressers and barbers

View Byelaws for hairdressers and barbers.

As a hairdresser or barber working in Harborough district, you must adhere and comply with the above Byelaws.

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