Local Plan Site Promotion Service

As part of the development of a new Local Plan we will be proposing to allocate new land (sites) for development. This land could be for new homes, new businesses or a mix of different uses. 
We have carried out 'Calls for Sites' where interested parties submit sites they feel may be suitable for development.  The sites that have been assessed so far are contained in the Strategic Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) which can be viewed here.   
Additional sites can be submitted for consideration throughout the preparation of the Local Plan.  The timetable for preparing the new Local Plan is set out in our Local Development Scheme which can be viewed here
If you have a site which you think could be suitable for allocation in our new Local Plan but would like to better understand the process and the possibility of the site being allocated then we can help.  
We are offering a ‘Local Plan Site Promotion Service’.   
The service is intended to advise on the process and how best to submit a site for consideration for allocation. It will not provide any guarantee of the site being allocated in the Local Plan.  
Our ‘Local Plan Site Promotion Service’ may evolve as preparation of the plan progresses.   

The current service we are offering will:  

  • Advise on when and how to submit a site for consideration;  
  • Advise on what information to submit to support your site; and  
  • Advise on the process and key stages of the Local Plan. 

All submissions will need to provide: 

  • A site location plan scale 1:1250/1:2500  
    The site outlined in red and any other land owned by the applicant  
    These can be purchased from a variety of sellers.
    The Planning Portal has information here on options of where to buy a site location plan.   
  • What you think the site should be used for   
  • Any additional supporting material                          
In response to your submission, you have the option to arrange a meeting with planning officers, which will be followed up with a written response, or for a discounted fee you can opt for a written response only.   

How to book a Local Plan site promotion meeting: 

  • Complete the online form here  
  • Attach the completed form, a site location plan and any additional supporting information to an email and send to planningpolicy@harborough.gov.uk   
  • We will then acknowledge receipt and send out an Invoice for the correct fee (see Fee Table below) and arrange a meeting and/or written response once payment has been received. 

How long will it take? 

Once the required documents and fee is received, we will acknowledge your request within 3 working days. 
If you have requested the ‘written response only service’ then we will provide a written response within 20 working days. 
If you have requested a meeting, we will arrange a suitable meeting date and a written response will issued within 10 working days of the meeting (Note: Meetings will generally take place virtually online using MS Teams). 


Site Promotion Pre-App Service Fee (excluding VAT) Fee (Excluding VAT)
  Meeting and written response Written response only service
Minor Allocation:  
1 to 9 dwellings / 
Employment, retail and other uses 0 – 999 sqm of floorspace 
£623 £498
Small Major Allocation:  10 to 249 dwellings / 
Employment, retail and other uses 1,000sqm-9,999sqm of floorspace 
£830 £664
Large Major Allocation:  250 to 999 dwellings /  
Employment, retail and other uses 10,000sqm up to 25 hectares 
£1,136 £908
Strategic Allocation:  
1,000 and above dwellings  
Employment, retail and other uses over 25 hectares  
£1,525 £1,220
Please be aware that Local Plan Site Promotion Service is offered on a 'without prejudice' basis. The advice does not and cannot pre-empt consideration of the site for allocation through the statutory Local Plan process. The advice is intended to help provide clarity on the process.   
The advice provided is correct at the time of issue and is based on the information provided for us at that time to assess.